A multidisciplinary team of over 80 professionals with offices in Argentina, Chile, Brasil and Colombia whose activity is “transforming organizations in a funky way”, in other words, we enjoy working. We strongly believe that only through the deep transformation of the persons and all those elements which are the heart (or culture) of your organization, you will be able to obtain outstanding results. That is what we work for!

Alberto Bethke


Alberto created OLIVIA more than 9 years ago knowing that he wanted to create a Rock Band which sounded in-synch like an Orchestra and today he can say he has fulfilled it.

Alberto Bethke | consultora de transformación organizacional

Ezequiel Kieczkier


With his engine running at 18.000 revolutions per minute and his creative spirit, Ezequiel was the perfect co-equipper to give birth to OLIVIA and add his DNA to the creation of the high added value services we provide today.

ezequiel kieczkier | Olivia

Alejandro Goldstein


With more than 20 years of professional experience, Alejandro is constantly in search of new challenges and gets involved in the development of projects passionately.

alejandro golstein | Olivia

Marcelo Blechman


Every day Marcelo works so that everything moves more smoothly! With his relentless capacity to look for improvements for the projects and systems, he found in people the perfect formula to achieve that goal.

marcelo blechman | Olivia

Gabriel Weinstein


Considered one of the most inspiring, creative and talented in Argentina, Gabriel is the director of Innovation at OLIVIA. Like a locomotive which is constantly defying status quo…

Gabriel Weinstein | Olivia

Eliseo Mojica


Eliseo is a renowned professional in Colombia, but above all, he is someone who inspires a deep confidence the minute you meet him, for his 20-year…

Eliseo Mojica Olivia

Reynaldo Naves


The well-known history of the engineer who left the industry and graduated in the financial services market for nearly 20 years…

Reynaldo Naves

Paula De Caro


Paula is a specialist and leader in Cultural Transformation, who is not willing to rest until she unravels the mysteries that underlie human …

Paula Olivia

Lalo Angulo


Everybody call him Lalo , and not only friends but also family, know that  he´s actually Luis Fernando. Lalo Angulo was born, raised and trained in Lima- Perú…

Lalo Olivia

The dream team

Our Beloved Consultants

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Maria Litvachkes

Maria Litvachkes


Maria Litvachkes

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