Lalo Olivia



Everybody call him Lalo , and not only friends but also family, know that he´s actually Luis Fernando.
Lalo Angulo was born, raised and trained in Lima- Perú, specially in IBM where he worked for many years, only less than his father and brother.

Although Lalo recieved many awards on his commercial achievements during his years spent in IBM and SAP, he considers that his main assets are the friendships he developed with clients and collegues.

Some of his main positions in companies were as SAP Regional Sales Manager, General Manager at Oracle and has participated in the strategic and commercial development for many technology key partners in Peru, The Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile and Brazil.
Today he finds in OLIVIA the merge of two of his strongest passions: human development through the maximizing competences´ potential and the alignement of expectations with an organization, an example set by his father as an IBM HR Director during many years; and the passion of helping clients achieve maximum potential in their businesses.
This is how, as part of this mystic and in the middle of a worldwide pandemia, Olivia Perú is born in 2020, with the mission of helping people and the organizations they are part of achieve their maximum potential, making the best out of their competences.

Father of four wonderful children, Lalo loves practicing sports and outdoor activities, in touch with nature.

Salmon Olivia
La sabiduría del salmón

El salmón nace en la comodidad del agua dulce y la corriente lo lleva hacia abajo, al océano donde llega a su máxima capacidad. El resto de su vida se prepara para volver a sus orígenes, nadando contracorriente en una lucha donde todo está en su contra.