CLIENT CENTRICITY when all your roads lead to Rome ______


At OLIVIA we understand that those organizations which want to make a difference have to understand their clients holistically and work towards improving their experience today building the one for their future. We help you work in transformation towards a culture where the client is the core of our decisions.


Organizations are complex systems that are mobilized through a purpose that drives people to act. From that vision, in OLIVIA we approach change in a multidimensional way.

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We help you create a culture which has the capacity of putting the client as the centre of attention of all the areas of the organization making it possible for all decisions to be taken from this perspective.

This new culture will give the organization a differential value which nobody will beat when offering a unique experience to their clients.


Each organization counts with different levels of maturity in relation to the role the client plays in its culture and processes.

Understanding your client is one of the first steps to reach this goal. We develop workshops and interventions to identify who your client is and what their needs are. From these insights, we help you rethink your organization and your processes to adapt them to the experience you wish for your client.


To be able to become a client-centred organization you need all its collaborators to share this vision and pursue that objective. All aligned to get it!

At OLIVIA, we make interventions tailor-made for each team where we work on their beliefs, paradigms, working models and the variables which have an impact on their performance.

Being client-centred impacts on decision takings along and across the organization and for this reason, we work at all the levels of awareness on the importance of the client’s vision regarding processes and each of the areas that are part of them.


Change becomes alive with the concrete actions the organization starts to make and the messages it gives with regard to the path to take.

We help you and support you to implement this change relying on our methodology whose basic principles are “the alignment of the culture with the business strategy; a multidisciplinary approach to transformation; the transparency of knowledge and the generation of client-based capacities”.

We design devices and KPI’s so that culture becomes part of your organization’s DNA.

We help you to make the whole organization look towards the client