AGILITY READY, steady, go! ______


How to innovate being slow? It is like trying to keep afloat with a 100 kg weight. At OLIVIA we can help you to be agile, which means moving quickly but intelligently to reach your goals and leave your competitors miles behind.


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Reducing time-to-market, being ahead of the needs of our clients, improving their experience and being more efficient are some of the objectives that all the organizations pursue today. Besides, these objectives have to take place simultaneously.

We are convinced (en castellano debe decir: estamos convencidos de que) that embracing digital transformation implies adopting new ways of doing things and, even in times of extreme uncertainty and volatility, going towards an agile organization is the way of driving speed and flexibility in the organizations to boost talent, creativity and hence innovative culture.

To get this transformation, we approach processes with a holistic approach because we understand organizations us complex systems. This is the reason why we develop solutions which consider them as a whole and not their pieces independently. Organizations are driven by a purpose which moves the persons to act and from this, we approach change in multiple dimensions which means synchronizing the different dimensions of the organization.


To achieve a holistic transformation towards agility, it is necessary that the talent within the organization feels at ease using agile methodologies such as Design Thinking, Safe, Lean Startup, Kanban or Scrum.

For this reason, we work in training processes which make it possible to install capacities to sustain the new working approach in the long run.


Once the persons have been formed, we accompany the working teams who are in search of agility as a new form of working and thinking which enables us to apply on a daily basis the knowledge they have acquired towards reaching the concrete benefits which come with a new form of doing things.

We encourage you to achieve your business goals faster