DON’T BE JUST ANOTHER SHEEP in other words, disrupt ______


At OLIVIA, we believe in innovation as a transversal value to all organizational cultures. We feel it, we touch it and apply it to all we do because for us it is a philosophy of life!


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The high complexity challenges you are faced with may be related to the nature of the challenge itself or to the fact that the tools you count with are not the best to solve them.
Through solution design and our Blue Sheep methodology, we provide you with the tools, skills and knowledge which are necessary to get innovative results by means of the agile activation of collaborative groups which co-create the solutions together with your teams.
Within a period of 3 to 6 months, we can identify the challenges the organization faces. After that, we build interdisciplinary teams in your own organization, which are specially selected to install capacity and we start with the process of co-designing the applicable solutions. Finally, we have an organization ready to take the next step on its way to a culture of innovation.


The world is changing faster and faster and we must find alternative ways to the ones we have now.

It is no longer enough to be profitable or scalable, we have to be agile, flexible and intelligent.

When an organization needs to be transformed for disruption or to survive, we work to develop alternative business models and to radically modify the present models.

We challenge the limits and develop unthinkable scenarios to generate disruptive products and services to enable us to go ahead of a future which is “right behind our backs”.


When one organization understands that paradigms change faster and faster each time, that agility is the base to adapt to a world in constant transformation, is when we can say that innovation stopped being something desirable to become something necessary.
Nevertheless, usually it is difficult to have the necessary experience to identify how we must approach this need. This is why we work together with our clients to reach a long-term solution which can go from the creation of an innovation office to an open innovation strategy.
The final objective will always be the development of the necessary skills, resources, structures and methodologies to anticipate or constantly adapt your organization by means of an innovative DNA.


Our Breaking Border meetings are workshops whose main purpose is to start a sensitization process which deeply affects the way the collaborators in an organization think of innovation.
Using problem solving methodologies such us Design Thinking, our aim is that the working teams feel comfortable working together with other rules, question previous beliefs and cooperate with professionals in other fields, understand the most relevant challenges in the industry and design the solutions which will turn into the diving board of innovation.
At the same time, Breaking Borders allows us to understand the challenges the collaborators within the organization feel they have ahead, identify agents of change, hidden talents, start to make innovation more democratic and assess a large number of ideas which they will be able to use in the innovation process later on.

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