At a time when the only constant is change, the capacity for transformation becomes one of the main competitive advantages of organizations. We build together with you the new culture desired so that it matches your business goals. We are aware that cultural transformation makes it possible to comply with an innovative business plan; this is why at OLIVIA we use a unique methodology to face these complex projects.


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At OLIVIA, we understand organizations as complex systems, which are driven by a purpose which boosts people to act. With this vision, we approach change in a multidimensional way.

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Taking into account the purpose of the organization, its cultural principles and how they transform into behaviours which can be seen all through the life cycle of the partners, we work in the design of the desirable cultural model and from there, we build the new culture the organization needs.
No matter the transformation process taking place: digitalization, agility, innovation or development of a new client-centred vision, at OLIVIA we count with the know-how, the methodology and the specialized professional team to approach it.


The time for individualists and distinguished personalities is over. This is the time for relationships, collaborative constructions and teamwork results.
At OLIVIA, we are able to align teams so that, even in disagreement, they have the capacity to work effectively searching the same strategic goals defined by the leaders of the organization. For this, we perform tailor-made interventions for each team where we work on the beliefs, paradigms, work models and the variables which affect their performance.


Many times, we are aware that something has changed when we see it materialized in facts and concrete things; contextualizing it is not enough.
For this reason, for all those situations which determine “before and after it” within the organization, from OLIVIA we can accompany you. Using our innovative power to generate cultural breaking events which make it possible to become aware of the change and to generate its internalization.


Sometimes organizations have very specific projects which need to adapt to definite change expectations. Having this in mind, we can develop different cultural solutions which require a snipper’s view, that is to say, strictly millimetric and trained to hit the target at specific times.
Always relying on our methodology whose fundamental principles include the alignment of the culture with the business strategy, a multidisciplinary approach to transformation, the transfer of knowledge and the generation of client-based capacity.

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