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We specialize in organizational transformation. No matter where they are, we help our clients change their culture, embrace digitalization, and develop an innovative DNA.

Think of us as a rock band that plays like an orchestra. We’re disruptive and we want to shake up the consultancy market. But we also make sure every member of our team follows the right tempo. So that our service has the elegance of a classical composition.

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We Take The Leap For Them

Every one of our clients is unique. They operate in different industries and have different sizes and organizational structures. But there is one thing they all have in common: their willingness to embrace risk. At Olivia, we take the leap with our clients and help them stick the landing.

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Our Success Stories

Creating a Change Management Office for Ripley

We helped one of the largest retailers in Chile, Ripley, establish its Change Management Office, which supports and gives guidance to over 200 simultaneous projects within the company.

Expanding the digital transformation of Sanatorio Güemes

In the context of a broader digitalization project at Sanatorio Güemes, an historic health center in Buenos Aires, we helped our client use technology as a strategic tool for cultural change.

Transforming organizational culture at Farmacity

Farmacity, a drugstore chain in Argentina, recently implemented the human capital management solution SAP SuccessFactors. With our help, this led to a wider cultural change at the company and to the creation of a dedicated Office of Culture.

Inspiring innovation at Banco Ciudad

The Bank of the City of Buenos Aires is transforming every area of its banking operations. In this context, we initiated a project that brings together both executives and employees, and which seeks to inject innovation at every level of the company.

Revitalizing the employee experience at Pernod Ricard

Working with agile methodologies, we assessed the employee experience at Pernod Ricard, a beverage company headquartered in France, and developed initiatives that targeted all relevant touchpoints.

Setting off on a cultural transformation at Atria

With our assistance, the logistics company Atria embarked on a companywide cultural transformation to define its identity, purpose, and mission, and communicate it to all levels of the organization.

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