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An International Consulting Firm

…specialized in boosting transformation processes in organizations, no matter where they are. We go along with our clients to face the challenge of transforming their culture, push their digitalization processes and develop an innovative DNA.

We allow ourselves to become rockers that create disruptive methodologies to alter the consulting industry, but at the same time, we strive in synchronizing our teams to sound like an orchestra and achieve a service that reaches our clients like a melody.

What kind of Consulting

Our Clients

For Them We Run Risk

Even though our clients are quite different between
each other because they come from diverse industries,
have different sizes and organizational structures,
they all share a common denominator which is facing big
challenges. In Olivia we bet on them so they can overcome this and more..

Some of our clients


Some Experiences

Creation of the RIPLEY Change Management Office

We helped RIPLEY, one of the most important retail stores in Chile, to create and structure its CMO office that supports more than 200 projects simultaneously within the company and advises and accompanies them in their complexity.

Successful case of digital transformation Sanatorio Güemes

Meet some of our clients who experienced a successful transformation process from the implementation of large IT projects, mergers & acquisitions, innovation projects and the need to redesign their organizational culture, coupled with many other processes of change, as consequence of there challenging organizational objectives.

Success factors Farmacity

In its transformation process, Farmacity successfully implemented the SucessFactors tool and at the same time, with the help of OLIVIA, it was possible to get a cultural change within the company, which ended up with the creation of a Culture office.

Banco Ciudad Strategic Innovation Project

Within the framework of Banco Ciudad’s transformation plans for this year, OLIVIA is developing a project, which involves both its management and all the other employees with the aim of transferring the innovative DNA to all the company.

Employee Experience en Pernod Ricard

Through Breaking Borders, Pernod Ricard worked through agile and innovative methodologies, on employee experience, generating innovative initiatives for all points of contact with its employees.

Successful case of ATRIA

The Cultural Ship, a milestone within the complex process of cultural transformation to unite the cultures of Water and Earth in which this great company called ATRIA has embarked.

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