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Marcelo Blechman


He is passioned for education and communications which took him to taking part in the creation of 3 technology start ups related to these issues and then becomint the CEO of a leading technology company in Latin America. Some years ago, together with Alejandro, he started his journey in Chile to encourage work with people to get the most complex purpose a company may have: to transform itself and aim at successful projects. Today, they manage OLIVIA Chile together.
This electric, industrial civil engineer with a magister in Engineering from Universidad Católica de Chile is the kind of person who is never happy with the first thing he sees and for this reason he looks for excellence in everythin he does.
To add joy to life, he conducts community activities. In his most personal environment, Marcelo practises together with his family all kinds of sports such as Crossfit, karate and ski. All with the passion and strength that is characteristic of him.

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Proverbios 15:3
“En todo lugar están los ojos del SEÑOR, observando a los malos y a los buenos.”
En que nos afecta en nuestra vida el concepto de omnipresencia? Si nos vamos por el lado religioso, la omnipresencia es una expresión de que Dios está siempre presente en cada cosa que hacemos y en cada evento…