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Eliseo Mojica


Eliseo is a renowned professional in Colombia, but above all, he is someone who inspires a deep confidence the minute you meet him, for his 20-year long career in information technology consulting, his experience in professional management of portfolios and business architecture, as well as its transparency. Before joining Olivia, he was in charge of the executive management of different companies in the sector for fifteen years. He is a student of theology, plays the guitar and sings with his daughter, does painting and is a soccer fan.

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Eliseo Mojica | Olivia
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ELa habilidad de las organizaciones para concluir proyectos exitosos es un factor clave en estos momentos de transformación y cambio. La incorporación de innovación, tecnología, nuevos servicios, nuevos negocios o transformar la organización en general, requiere de proyectos de ejecución rápida y precisa…

Eliseo Mojica, Managing Partner of Olivia Colombia, has worked for many years in various high complex technology projects in organizations where many users were impacted by the changes in technology. This experience has led him to the conclusion that the success of these changes and of the transformation the organizations seek is definitely in the people and not in technology. The success is given by achieving their voluntary adhesion to the proposed changes, their enthusiasm, their learning and their continuous accompaniment so that they are the architects of the expected change.