TECHNOLOGY DRIVES CHANGE Both in companies and in ourselves ______


Successfully implementing new technologies can greatly impact an organization. And in our opinion, this always leads to a profound cultural transformation. This belief guides how we approach all such projects.


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We use many tools to determine how prepared a company is to deal with the complexity of change. Then we help them plan, coordinate, communicate, and speed up the process to ensure maximum efficiency.

Our unique change management methodology allows us to maximize the cultural impact of each project. In order to bring about the desired transformation, we make sure everyone at a company — from the management to the project team and the entire workforce — is aligned and understands the challenges ahead.

Our change management advisors hail from different backgrounds: we have psychologists, sociologists, and engineers in our staff, among other specialists. This allows us to approach high-impact change projects from many points of view, though always keeping an eye on the organization’s current and upcoming strategy and organizational objectives.


IT projects tend to have a high cultural impact. That is why we develop networks of change agents who can facilitate the process. We develop a training regimen that provides these agents with the tools they need to transform their organizations.


Making things happen is never easy. That is why companies trust us to manage their projects and even set up their Project Management Offices from the ground up.

We combine our own methodologies with industry standards like PMI, ITIL, and Agile. And we proactively oversee project sponsorship, risk management, teamwork, and the overall quality of all related conversations, decisions, and solutions.


Who is ARAUCO? 

ARAUCO is the second biggest cellulose company in the world. It is also the second largest producer of composite panels. As such, it is always looking to grow and expand. And thanks to its recent acquisition of wood company Masisa’s manufacturing plants in Mexico and Brazil, this Chilean organization has now widened its footprint across the Americas.  

In order to integrate its new manufacturing plants within its global network and business strategy, and to fulfill its digital transformation objectives, ARAUCO carried out an ambitious change management project. 

What was the challenge for the organization? 

For ARAUCO, this was the most complex digital transformation project they had ever embarked on. 

It involved nine countries and three business areas: cellulose, wood, and forestry. It impacted up to seven thousand users and every corner of the organization: from Logistics to Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Production, and the Environmental office. It was, in short, a global project, involving many people from different cultures, business fields, and teams. 

Our team of consultancy specialists at Olivia stood besides ARAUCO as they dealt with this mounting complexity. 

What was our role in terms of change and project management? 


We worked with ARAUCO to resolve key pain points that affected many parts of the project, the organization, and their business. 

We helped with training, communication, and the management of stakeholders, project risk, and user participation. As part of our change management strategy, we strengthened the involvement of sponsors in those countries where the project was making its biggest impact. We also carried out three test phases with almost 700 users. And in line with the company’s objectives and strategy, we unified our change and project management services. 

These efforts allowed the organization to grow in two ways. First, by incorporating new technology so that ARAUCO can remain competitive in today’s world, enjoying lower costs and more productivity. And second, by implementing a Central Finance office, which streamlines company acquisitions and the unification of financial data, and makes the management of local subsidiaries far more efficient. 

At Olivia, we helped with strategy, communication management, conflict resolution, and conversation facilitation.  

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