Rogelio is really passionate about change and transformation processes. He considers that People and organizations can change and improve to a better version. He has collaborated in transforming people and organizations all over the world along his career, he counts with 30 years of experience in different fields, such as a leader, life coach and human talent. He is creative, innovative and a truly believer that dreaming and seeking for the future is a human gift that opens the gates to infinite possibilities.

He likes to study and reads about all different topics, but his predilection is understanding how human beings can change and evolve themself, to later help others to grow. He is a Clinical Psychologist, He has different degrees in Finances, People management, Coaching, Innovation and Creativity,
Energy Management for High Performance and he has a Master degree in Human Management of the Organization and an MBA.
He writes about the future of Work, He loves to give conferences in all kind of forums, bringing new and disruptive ideas to the table, and he also teaches classes about Masters and Diplomates in Mexico. He has lived change and transformation processes constantly in his own flesh, living and working in 7 different countries and moving over 20 times, and obviously, he loves family trips. He predicates a healthy life style that helps him maintain high energy levels thru the day.